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While the Inspector provides accountability for the operations of the Police Integrity Commission (PIC), the Inspector too is accountable through a reporting requirement to a Parliamentary Committee.

Under section 95 of the PIC Act, one of the functions of the Committee on the Office of the Ombudsman and the Police Integrity Commission (the Committee) is to monitor and review the exercise of the Inspector’s functions. The Committee also has the power to do the same in respect of the PIC.

The Committee is authorised to examine each annual and other report of the Inspector and to report to both Houses of Parliament with such comments as it thinks fit on any matter concerning the Inspector. The Committee cannot review an investigation undertaken by the Inspector or the PIC.

Complaints about the Inspector's conduct

Under section 126 of the PIC Act complaint may be made to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (the ICAC) about the conduct of the Inspector or an officer of the Inspector.

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