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The types of complaints the Inspector can deal with

The Inspector can deal with complaints about the conduct of the PIC or its officers which concern the abuses of power, impropriety, misconduct and maladministration by the police Integrity Commission (PIC) and its current or former officers. Maladministration is action or inaction of a serious kind that is contrary to law, including a default or a dereliction of duty.

Complaints outside the Inspector's jurisdiction

The Inspector cannot deal with complaints or examine the conduct of public officials or agencies other than that of the PIC or its officers.

The Inspector does not have power to decide whether or not the PIC should or should not investigate a complaint made to it.  The Inspector is unable to review such a decision except in so far as such a decision concerns alleged abuse of power, misconduct or maladministration by the PIC or its officers. In such circumstances the Inspector will focus on the relevant conduct of the PIC and its officers which may have affected the decision and decision-making process.

The Inspector's powers in relation to dealing with complaints do not extend to dealing with complaints against NSW Police.

Inspector’s Contact details

John Nicholson SC, Acting Inspector
Inspector of the Police Integrity Commission
GPO Box 5341 
Sydney NSW 2001
Phone: (61) 2 9232 3350 
Fax: (61) 2 8243 9471

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